Shreya Ganesh

Role: Editor
DOB: 2nd April 1996
Address: 101, Paduka, No 12, Janakiammal Street West Mambalam, Chennai 600033 Tamil Nadu, India
Contact No: 919962725534
Current Project: Furore Magazine

Me @ Fishbowl:

Back in the internship phase, when I joined the Fishbowl Network as a Content Intern, I assumed that the process was all about improving my writing skills and gaining an all-round experience in the genres of writing. However, it is only after joining Fishbowl that I have come to realize the exposure and responsibilities one has upon his/her shoulders when working for an organization. I have worked as a Content Member contributing to the Fishbowl Blog as well as Furore, and have also undertaken quite a few tasks pertaining to Freelance writing and FanStory contests. From back then when the biggest responsibility I had was to publish a 500-word article on the Fishbowl blog within a 24-hour deadline, to recent times when I was given the opportunity of being the editor of the new undertaking of Fishbowl, the Fishbowl Newsletter, I have learnt a mammoth amount right from time management to professionalism. After working on the Newsletter for a span of about 4 months, releasing three issues per week, I have gained insights on the necessity of planning and being prepared for what’s not in store. Currently, a group of us is working on publishing Furore on Kindle. The next big challenge and experience that is yet to commence is my journey as the Editor of Furore along with Sudharshan. I do look forward to this phase of work in the Fishbowl Network, knowing it will be a winding unknowable path with struggles, yet an experience that cannot be topped.

Hobbies, Interests and Ambitions:

"Hobbies – Despite being a content writer, I always find it hard to justify the “About Me” clause in words. Yet, I’d like to give it a try. My hobbies obviously include writing, which I pursue actively by being a part of The Fishbowl Network. Apart from that, I enjoy competitive coding and solving puzzles. Intimidating though they seem, I do still give them a shot more often than not! Cooking is definitely one of the activities I enjoy the most, and so is reading. Apart from all these things, I just like being a Grammar Nazi and driving the people around me berserk by correcting their apostrophes and semicolons! Interests – If you don’t see me frantically completing graphs and records for a next day submission, you’d probably find me in front of my laptop trying to figure out the algorithm for Longest Common Subsequence or trying my hand at a new recipe that has to include cheese or chocolate in some way or the other! I am often found lost in memories of happy days from the past or hooting and cheering madly for an ongoing Federer match. If I’m not doing any of these, it means I could be doing anything from sleeping to lying curled up on my bed reading a book. Dynamic? Nope, just indefinable! Ambitions – They range from small to large, from realistic to unicorns. From performing well in a cycle test to miraculously landing a job in Google, they’re all ambitions. With respect to Fishbowl, my goal for now is to perform well as the editor of Furore and be able to shoulder the responsibility vested upon me with enthusiasm as well as intelligence. Personal goals are many, starting with academic excellence and extending right up to getting placed in the company of my dreams. As a group goal, making Furore global and extending its availability to a more content-driven target audience is on the top of the to-do list."

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