Nitin Durai Ramnath

Role: Founder
DOB: 15th February 1993
Address: A-109 Ceebros Imperiale, Elcot Avenue Road, Sholinganallur, Chennai 600119 Tamil Nadu, India
Contact No: 919677228800
Current Project: Internships

Me @ Fishbowl:

The Fishbowl Network has been a very important part of my last 2 years. From its inception in March 2013, I have been actively involved in managing the different projects and members here. I started out with Furore Magazine, and although I was never the editor of the magazine, I was a very important person in Furore for the first few months. After that time, I had begun to focus on certain new ideas that had developed in the team. Unfortunately, many of those ideas could not be implemented. I created an internship process to recruit members into The Fishbowl Network, and Iím currently working on the third edition of that internship program, which I hope will be the best one yet.

Hobbies, Interests and Ambitions:

I love sports. Tennis is my favourite game, and although I havenít been able to play much in the last two or three years, I havenít missed any opportunity in keeping track of my favourite players. I also love reading books. My favourite books are autobiographies. Somehow, I feel reading about the life of another person is much more interesting than reading fiction. Many of the autobiographies I have read have deeply inspired me. I have a deep interest and commitment to learning. A day isnít complete if I havenít learnt something new. I regularly attend courses and webinars on different topics, none of them related to my profession. This I do purely out of curiosity and a desperate need to learn and understand everything that happens around me. My ambition is very abstract. I want to create value. I see the world around me cluttered with things having little or no value. I have varied interests Ė but as my ambition, I would say, that I would like to do something that adds value to the society and contributes in making the world a better place.

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